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 Report - Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 30.09.1997

1. Greenhouse Distribution Program

In the region of Agjabedie the following IDP families in the following villages have received a greenhouse and gardening equipment.

  Name Village Families numbers
1 Boyat 14
2 Sarijalie 13
3 Hindarh 20
4 Hajibedelie 33
5 Yenie Garadolah 14
6 Garadolah 8
7 Kurdler 18
8 Kehrizlie 10
9 Muganlie 22
10 Husulu 24
11 Gelebedin 11
12 Khodjavend 19
13 Avshar 7
14 Shenlik 2
  Total 214

In the region of Beylagan 582 beneficiaries have been selected in the following villages:

  Name Village Families numbers
1 Alnazarlie 20
2 Amirzeidlie 3
3 Ashiglie I 13
4 Ashiglie II 13
5 Tezekend 33
6 Kebirlie 14
7 Orangala 30
8 Shahseven 16
9 Gahramanlie 59
10 Yukharie Aran 40
11 Milabad 16
12 Allahyarlie 7
13 Eyvazallar 4
14 Tatallar 4
15 Near Beylagan City Agdam region 12
16 Near Beylagan City Lachin region 7
17 Near Beylagan City Gubadlie region 2
18 Near Beylagan City Jabrail region 6
19 Near Beylagan City Zangilan region 1
20 Near Beylagan City Shusha region 3
21 Near Beylagan City Fizulie region 99
22 Near Beylagan City Khojavend region 14
23 Shahseven II 29
24 Khalaj 31
25 Dunyamallar 5
26 Yukharie Chemenlie 10
27 Ashagie Chemenlie 5
28 Binnetlie 35
29 Sherg 50
30 Immamverdiler 1
  Total 582

A total of 604 IDP families received a greenhouse and gardening equipment from Diakonie Emergency Aid in October. The remaining will receive this material within 10 days. Concurrently, individual monitoring of the beneficiaries started in Agcabedi region to ensure that the greenhouses are well constructed and used. At present, about 100 families have received individual advise.

2. Greenhouse Agricultural Extension Program

The agricultural extension programm continued in the region of Agcabedi. In October, 1163 gardeners (mostly women), IDPs as well local inhabitants, have profited from the agricultural extension activities of two female agronomist. The basis of their work is stimulating gardeners to help them self, to exchange information and knowledge about gardening with neighbours on a regular basis and to organize demonstrations in case of lacking knowledge. The extension tools used were individual extension talks, group meetings and discussions, and demonstrations. Major topics were soil preparation, soil fertility management (compost), greenhouse construction, pest control. This part of Diakonies program forms the bridge between the pure relief-oriented aid and more development and sustainable-oriented support.

3. Community Development Program

Since the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan decided to transfer pumps and equipment from the regional water exploitation departments to the users, Diakonie started the preparation of the transfer of their pump material. Therefore, several planning meetings have been conducted with the responsible authorities in Terter. Diakonie also informed the users groups at the 19 rehabilitated sides of their intensions. The users of the community are requested to nominate a water committee to whom the ownership of Diakonie material will be transfered. For that reason, Diakonie has conducted an inventory of the material and its status.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Diakonie Emergency Aid was visited by Dr. Johannes Kotschi of Germany, an independent consultant who act as assistant for our program in Azerbaijan on behave of Diakonie Headquarters in Germany. The main purpose of his visit was an evaluation of Diakonie activities and the preparation of a proposal for further support, since the current phase of Diakonie in Azerbaijan ends on April 1998. Therefore, field visits were combined with visits to local authorities and other humanitarian organisations working in Azerbaijan.
  • Other visitors to Diakonie were Mr. Berthold Schrimpf, Mrs Caroline Krukow of a german Church Organisation (EZE) interested in Diakonie activities and Mr. Gio Rinzadze from Georgia interested to exchange information on agricultural extension.
  • Mr Rinzadze invited Dr. John Lamers as a trainer for a trainings course on business planning for private agricultural enterprises in Georgia.
  • Diakonie Emergency Aid representatives have assited to various meetings in the regions as well as in Baku.

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