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 Report - Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 31.10.1997

1. Greenhouse Distribution Program

The first step in the greenhouse distribution program has been finalised in Agcabedi and Beylagan. In total 214 families in Agcabedie and 574 families in Beylagan received a greenhouse and gardening materials. The pre-selection of beneficiaries in the region of Imishli is bound to be complete. At present 197 families have been identified. A remaining 40 will be identified in due time.

Concurrently, individual monitoring of the new beneficiaries in Agcabedi was completed but continues in Beylagan. Of the new beneficiaries about 85% have constructed already their greenhouse, added the plactic sheeting (60%), completed soil preparation (100%) and seeding.

Monitoring of the old beneficiaries (800 families) started. First results show that not all greenhouse users are planning to employ the greenhouse during the upcoming winter season. Reason for the hesitation are numerous and need to indentified.

2. Greenhouse Agricultural Extension Program

The agricultural extension component continued in Agcabedi. In November, a total of 1300 gardeners have been reached by the female extension staff. In total 39 villages in 13 settlements are regularly visited. About 70% of the clients are female, about 90% are IDPs, and about 80% received a greenhouse from Diakonie. The extension tools used were individual extension talks, group meetings and discussions, as well as demonstrations. Major topics addressed were soil preparation, soil fertility management (compost), ventilation, pest control. The extension staff prepared extension material (a cropping calendar) on the correct use of 7 vegetables. The basic source of information were experienced gardeners. This material will be pretested in the field. Finally, the extension co-ordinator started preparing an extension manual for extension staff. The parts on extension tools and the brief technical description on the vegetables and the correct use of a greenhouse are completed and translated in Azeri. After pre-testing the cropping calendar this will be included.

3. Community Development Program

Diakonie continued the preparation of the transfer of their pump material to users communities. The users of the community are requested to nominate a water committee to whom the ownership of Diakonie material will be transfered.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Dr. John Lamers conducted a training the trainers course on business planning for private agricultural enterprises in Georgia.
  • Diakonie Emergency Aid representatives have assited to various meetings in the regions as well as in Baku.

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