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 Report - Center For Pluralism Inam (Inam CfP)

 Report date: 20.05.2003


Center for Pluralism "Inam" is a non-profit organization founded in 1995 with the goal of spreading democratic values, pluralist thinking, development of freedom of speech, press, conscience, conducting of free and fair elections, building of civic society, protection and propaganda of human rights and freedoms, maintenance of civic education and civic intuitiveness, assistance to formation of public sector and expansion of its activity.

INAM is all the time and everywhere beside the persons wishing to build the society of equal rights persons, supremacy of the law, society where could be acted freely, society with reliable power being elected by them, their families, with happy welfare, society without any danger and obstacle for development.

People, who are working and cooperating with the Center for Pluralism "Inam" are sure that building of civic society is possible just to owing to numerous unions and heterogeneous organizations founded by free citizens willfully.

As other members of the Centers for Pluralism Network joining 20 organizations from 17 countries maintains protection and development of faithful principles in the whole world especially in the countries damaged from communism.

INAM intends to achieve its goals by keeping on and expanding its activity in the following spheres.


- DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS: a Monitoring of two parliamentarian, one presidential and one municipal elections in Azerbaijan was conducted. There was organized an international observation.
- TRANSLATION AND PUBLICATION: 100 books, journals, brochures and bulletins with total circulation of over 50 thousand copies were published.
- VISITS: Over 300 local specialists were sent to the different countries of the world for participation at the seminars, conferences and training courses.
- CIVIC EDUCATION: over 400 training seminars related leadership, politology, election technology, civic education, human rights and other themes were held. About 5 thousand activists from 35 regions of Azerbaijan participated at these measures.
- DEVELOPMENT OF THE THIRD SECTOR: there were held the trainings for local activists, initiative groups and NGO representatives . brochures and journals related the life of the third sector were published. The center participated in the process of formation, development, and activity expansion of over 50 NGOs in different regions of the country.

Center's activity is mainly supported by the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe (IDEE), Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and other organizations.

Address: Mehdi Huseyn str.79/35
(Bunyad Sardarov 11/35),
Baku, Azerbaijan, 370001
Tel/fax: (99412) 920 356

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