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 Report - Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 30.04.1998

General :

On May 23rd, Ms. Beate Schoreit fulfilled her assignment with Diakonie and handed over to Mr. Thomas Friedrich.

Agricultural extension :

Agricultural extension activities carry on, at the peak of the growing season for vegetables there is a high demand of information on pest and disease control. We try to disseminate knowledge on low cost basis, in order to meet the needs of the IDPs.

For the coming months, extension work will be organised more towards group meetings to optimise the work-force.

Greenhouse distribution :

The monitoring activities for the already distributed GHs still continues. In May, we had to recollect one greenhouse, one benefactor moved from the area, and another GH was sold by the receiver.

In 1998, we will distribute 200 new greenhouses. The area foreseen is in Barda region and first, internal data collection has begun already.

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