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 Report - Information Bulletin - October 2003 (ICRC)

 Report date: 12.11.2003

Azeri version

October 2003

ICRC acting as a neutral intermediary

On Friday, 3 October 2003, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), acting as a neutral intermediary, facilitated the transfer of one Azerbaijani military serviceman and handed him over to the Azerbaijani authorities concerned.

The operation took place between Barda and Agdam regions with the full cooperation of all sides. ICRC delegates had visited the Azerbaijani military serviceman, who expressed his wish to be handed over to the Azerbaijani authorities.

In accordance with its mandate, the ICRC has provided its assistance in organizing such operations in the region since 1992 and stands ready to support any similar operation in the future.

ICRC conducts training seminars for Internal troops and Police officers

Two five-day seminars for 15 officers of the Internal troops and 15 officers of the National police forces, organized by the Delegation of the ICRC in Azerbaijan in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan, took place on 27-31 October 2003 in Baku. The ICRC expects that this event gives a good opportunity for the Internal troops and Police officers from education, training and operational departments to develop their knowledge of the rules and principles of International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law as well as the ICRC and its activities. The seminars, run by ICRC armed and police forces experts, also dealt with such topics as conduct of hostilities, commander's responsibility, law enforcement, maintaining public order, and vulnerable groups in society, with particular emphasis on women and juveniles.

Visits to detained persons

During the month the ICRC delegates visited persons deprived of their freedom in Bailov and Ganja pre-trial isolators and Gobustan prison under the Ministry of Justice as well as Binagadi Reception and Distribution Centre, Isolator for Temporary Detention of the Department for Combating Organised Crime under the Ministry of Interior. The visits were conducted in accordance with the ICRC's standard working procedures. These include talks without witnesses with detainees, tour of the premises and discussions with the authorities regarding the findings of the delegates.

Participation of Azeri officials in international forums

The ICRC sponsored the participation of the Inspector of the Medical Administration of the Ministry of Justice in "Tuberculosis program management" workshop organized by World Health Organization in Warsaw, Poland on 14-24 October. Leading world specialists in Tuberculosis discussed problems of treatment and precaution of Tuberculosis in the prisons as well as other important aspects of this sickness. The ICRC also financed the participation of the Tuberculosis Coordinator of the Ministry of Justice in the "International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases" annual conference, which took place on 29-31 October in Paris.

Seminar held for literature teachers in Shamakhy

In October Pedagogical Program officers of the ICRC held two seminars in Shamakhy and Imishly. In total, 34 literature teachers participated in those seminars. The teachers who work with the books published by the ICRC got more detailed information about Humanitarian Principles, basics of International Human Law and their modern teaching methods. Debates and discussions on the ICRC textbooks were very productive, as usual. In Shamakhy State Pantomime Theatre showed the performance "Mangourte" based on one of the texts from the ICRC book for the 6th form "My world, your world..."

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