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 Report - Diakonie - Monthly Report (DEA)

 Report date: 31.05.1998

Agricultural extension activities

The service given to the IDP-families which have received a greenhouse in the past is continued. There is high appreciation from there side because of regular visits, information exchange and practical training units on low-cost-solutions of pest and disease problems on various vegetables.

Staff training is intensified in order to meet the growing information demand.


The use of the already distributed greenhouses is still monitored. We like to make sure and have an idea how useful our efforts are.

In June we had to take back two greenhouses in Belagan City area, because even after some remainders about the proper use of the greenhouses, there was no change in peoples mind.

Generally however, we are very satisfied with the usage.

New greenhouse distribution

For identifying the most needy families in Barda region, we contacted the head of the refugee committee to introduce our organisation, the programme and our plans for the distribution of the 200 -250 new greenhouses. That was very well accepted and some locations where named to us.

Visits have been paid to the local authorities (soviets) and with them we went in each location to IDP-families with excess to some land.

These small surveys gave a first impression about the circumstances of the families and the potential for the new greenhouse distribution.

We will have all needed information till mid of July and final decision will be taken later.

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