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 Report - International Conference; Mass Media, the Judiciary and the Rule of Law Recommendations (GTZ)

 Report date: 16.12.2003

International Conference

Mass Media, the Judiciary and the Rule of Law

The judges, journalists and scientists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Germany and Russia during the international conference "Mass Media, the Judiciary and the Rule of Law" held in Baku on 9,10 December 2003 discussed the interrelationship between Mass Media and the Judiciary, as well the issues concerning Press Law. The conference participants adopted the following recommendations:

1. Judgements of high court instances should be published. This is necessary for information of journalists and public.
2. In all courts and prosecution offices spokespersons of the judiciary should be appointed. They should be accessible and reliable.
3. Journalists should learn about the professional and ethical constraints imposed to judges and prosecutors . Likewise judges and prosecutors should understand the journalists methods.
4. Judges, prosecutors and journalists should together determine principles for the cooperation. The issues, such as access to the court and court decisions, admissibility of audio recording and photos should be regulated therein, taking into account the freedom of expression principles.
5. Journalist organizations should prepare their own code of conducts, promoting a more professional coverage of courts proceedings.
6. Compensation fixed by a judge for the infringement of personal rights should be fair and may not endanger financial existence of media company.
The conference organised by German Agency for Technical Co-operation (GTZ), OSCE, Council of Europe and Azerbaijan Press Council.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr.Thomas Herrmann, head of "Support to Judicial and Legal Reforms in Azerbaijan" project of German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ):
E-mail: Tel.: 97 15 88
or Khatira Shikhiyeva, Media Programme Manager
E-mail: Tel.: 98 48 77, 98 48 96

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