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 Report - Refugee Law Training Programme for Law Students (AYLU)

 Report date: 24.06.2004

Refugee Law Programme for Law Students


We would like to inform you that Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) has finished the project on Refugee Law Training Programme for Law Students with the financial support of UNHCR Baku Office.

The Objective of the Programme was to provide law students with opportunity to learn refugee law and implement in practice in order to complement the predominantly theoretical education currently offered at Azerbaijani law schools.

The curriculum of Baku law faculties doesnt place sufficient emphasis on the practical experience of students. It is only after having obtained a degree that they are for the first time confronted with the reality of court practices. The Azerbaijani Young Lawyers Union (AYLU), which is foreseen as an implementing partner for this project, had been organised a limited-scale practice for law students.

Approximately 50 students were accepted as participants in the programme, based on an assessment of both student performance and personal attributes at interview.

Participants were divided into 2 groups of 25. Each group had following programme:

  • Practical training on court proceedings and the drafting of legal documents, given by contracted experts practising lawyers (12 hours);
  • Workshop on refugee law - analysing of selected domestic court cases related to refugees; (12 hours)
  • Visit to training course for refugees and IDPs conducted by AYLU with the aim to assist the trainers (24 days);
  • Moot court sessions on refugee/IDPs rights (8 hours)

At the end of the programme, the knowledge of participants was assessed and those achieving a requisite standard were awarded a certificate of participation.


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