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 Report - Diakonie - Monthly Report (DEA)

 Report date: 30.06.1998

Agricultural extension activities

Training of staff on horticultural topics continued on two days of week. Special emphasis was given to pest and disease preventation and control. IDP’s and local gardeners are now more informed have practically worked with the Diakonie extensionist to prepare low cost solutions against the major pests and deseasees on several crops. Some of the remedies came from the internal displaced persons, or the locals themselves.

We feel and this is the echo of the people and the impression of visits to different sites, that the idea of a cheap, easily available, environmentally friendly and effective control of pest and disease in gardens is growing and more and more people are adapting now it.

Besides pest and disease management, subjects like soil and seedbed preparation crop rotation and soil maintenance are themes of interest this and the comming months.

New greenhouse distribution

The figure of greenhouses to be distributed in autumn this year is 200. Originally planned to be located in Barda region, there where some qwestion raised from Germany about a new area and the extension of the programme. Therefore we will stay in the regions of Agjabedie and Beylagan for the new distribution.

We will not necessarily touch new villages, but mainly distribute in th already served places. This is to economize our service.

Monitoring of already given greenhouses

The monitoring of the greenhouses and the materials is a very vital and important part of our proggramme. It is an indicator for us and shows how well the former grenhouse distributions where thought through and planned, and where important has to be made for the future allocation.

Like expressed in previous reports, the number of misuses of material (plastic sheet) given to IDP-families is very little by the benefactors monitored in the month of July.


A meeting of the agricultural workgroup was attended at the IRC residence in Agjabedie, the topic was commercial greenhouse management.

Diakonie will host the next agric workgroup meeting in September.

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