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 Report - Diakonie - Monthly Report (DEA)

 Report date: 31.07.1998

Agricultural extension

Internal staff training focused this month on soil preparation and soil management and production, harvest and storage of vegetable seeds in view of the autumn planting and the coming season.

During the last months, a file for every adviser was created with information on agronomy, botany and pest and disease management for the most important vege-tables cultivated in the area. More relevant topics will be dealt with the coming weeks and smonths.

The general acceptance of our extension service is good, the staff reports that in a good number of groups more and more local gardeners are participating in the meetings and discussions and that the exchange of horticultural knowledge is increasing and spread in a wider circle. This is very much appreciated and intended by our programme, meaning to create a platform for interested gardeners to share their knowledge and get some more information from our programme.

New greenhouse distribution

Informing the Soviets about the new distribution of greenhouses has begun and lists with the actual datas of IDP-families will be collected in September.

The criteria for the new distribution have been modified, in order to select enough interested beneficaries. It is intended from our side to hand-out a smal

l number of greenhouses to schools and well motivated local gardeners as well.

Each of our extensionists will have to serve 40 more greenhouse owners.

All the needed materials are purchased already and stored in Agjabedie, and we tried to buy most of the items in the region.

Monitoring of already given greenhouses

Monitoring is going-on as usual and there is no change in the way the families using and treating the given-out materials.

As the monitors are the responsible personnel for the collection of the actual IDP lists from the Soviets and afterwards for the screening and selection of the new IDP-families, their activities in the field of pure monitoring was reduced therefore.


Diakonie Emergency Aid had staff vacation between the 31th of August and 11th of September. This was proposed by the staff due to the cotton harvest, where many IDP`s are employed and it is difficult to meet them in their homes.

One of our secretaries is attending an English-course with British Council to improve her language skills.

In late September, five members of Diakonie Emergency Aid will travel to Georgia to visit a Diakonie sister programme dealing with agricultural extension.

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