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 Report - Report on Round Table (AYLU)

 Report date: 20.12.2005

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Responsibility of the officials on corruption related delinquencies


The Press Service of Azerbaijan Young Lawyers Union (AYLU) informs you that the Round Table on responsibilities of the officials on corruption related delinquencies had been conducted in December 19, 2005. The project funded by the Eurasia Foundation/USAID.

The event is opened by the speech of the member of the State Commission on Struggle against Corruption, Member of Parliament Mr. Bakhtiyar Aliyev.

After that the Procurator of the Analytical-Information Section of the Anticorruption Department of the Procurator General Office of the Azerbaijan Republic Mr. Mubariz Ahmadov.

At the round table discussion NGOs representatives Sahib Mammadov, Irada Javadova, Mammad Zeynalov, Eyyub Huseynov, Alimammad Nuriyev, Advocate Rena Huseynova, from US Embassy in Baku Beth Sreenan, from ABA CEELI Robert Eishman had a speeches and gave their recommendation and suggestions to the participants.

The representatives of state bodies, NGOs, Members of Parliament, Diplomatic Missions and Mass Media took an active part at the discussions.

After the completing of discussions Nadir Adilov chairman of AYLU and the head of the project Nadir Adilov informed participants about the next round table to be conducted by AYLU in December 23, 2005. He said that the next topic of the round table will be the report to Mass Media by the NGOs about their anticorruption activity in 2005.


Press Service of AYLU

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