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 Report - Monthly Report Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 30.09.1999

Agricultural Extension Programme

Field extension activities focused on the start of upcoming greenhouse season. Main topics, therefore, included soil preparation, seed and seedbed preparation, as well as the prevention of pests and diseases. DEA coordinator completed the training course for group development activities. First field experiences confirmed the potential and contraints.

Table 1:

  Clients % Clients % Clients % Total
  women men refugees local beneficiaries non-beneficiaries  
Total 63 37 88 12 77 23 663

DEA staff conducted a second training course on communcation behavior for agricultural extension workers for upcoming UMCOR extension staff in Sabirabad. UMCR paid for the organisation and conductance of this training. UMCORs agricultural program coordinator, who assisted the training workshop wanted a follow-up contract for UMCORs field staff.

DEA coordinator continued the training on extension methodologies for working with farmers. The elaborated training materials were intensively discussed and corrected and a start was made with the elaboration of a new set of information leaflets. New leaflets addressed: ploughing and seeding of wheat, pests and diseases on wheat and to measurement of the seed quality in the absence of a laboratory.


Dr. John Lamers, currently head of mission of Diakonie Emergency Aid Azerbaijan, completed his contract at 30 October. His replacement will arrive in January 2000 and most likely will stay for three years. During the transistion period a group of 3 people will ensure responsibilities: Fazil Djafarov in Agjabedy, Yegana Guliyeva in Baku and Mrs. Kappler is responsible for the administration.

DEA staff attended the inter-agency non-food and food meeting in Baku. The September report for national and local authorities was completed, translated and distributed.

DEA co-ordinator assisted a meeting in Baku on the role of agricultural extension in the development of the agrarian sector in Azerbaijan.

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