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 Report - Monthly Report Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 31.10.1999

Agricultural Extension Programme

Field Extension Programme continued its activities. Main discussion topics concerned soil preparations, planting and its importance, the usefulness of greenhouses as well as wheat cropping such as its planting and watering, but also the various reasons of low harvest. The following details explain activities:

  Clients % Clients % Clients % Total:
  women men refugees local beneficiaries non beneficiaries  
Total: 50 50 88 12 70 30 602

Feld extension staff paid special attention to important discussion points of farmers which covers problem identification, analysis and solving activities. The key issues elaborated during group work were analysed and necessary comments were discussed. The employment level of farmers and in particular of IDPs is still low, therefore DEA staff tries to arrange more contact between IDP farmers and local authorities in order to include these as well in the discussions. In these meetings the problems of farmers and the alternative solutions were discussed.

DEA field staff conducted various meetings with other organisations, with the objective to exchange experiences. During the meeting with, for example the agricultural program officer of OXFAM, DEA representatives discussed the approaches and activities conducted by both organsations as well as the lessons learned. A visit to Ter-Ter region Fruit Seedlings sovkhoz provided much new and usefull information.

DEA completed a 4 days training seminar for UMCOR future extension agents. The seminar topic focussed on Problem solving cycle within agricultural extension as well as analyses of the modules and activities of last seminars topics. The results of the seminar were reported to UMCOR and the contract expenses were covered by UMCOR due to the assignment. An additional contract for a follow-up training seminar was agreed for January, 2000.

Intensive meetings with local authorities and village soviets for the selection of village based extensionists were very succesful. The collection of lists to select possible candidates for the upcoming community based extension programme is almost completed. In order to elaborate a list of suitable and possible candidates, several meetings were conducted between DEA representatives and village soviet chiefs and local agricultural specialists. Following such a meeting, CV forms were distributed to agricultural specialists for filling out. These CV forms are helpfull in obtainig preliminary information about the person and his working experience.

Written extension aid materials and leaflets about diseases and insects on wheat, control and prevention, seed quality determination, planting procedures have been field tested and can now be finalized. Similar leaflets on cabbage, potato and sugarbeet have been discussed.


NNGO charter has been discussed at the Ministry of Justice and in the Collegiate Meeting. Certification of the NNGO is well on its way. The NNGO very likely will be named Agro Information Centre. DEA representatives assisted in agricultural and monthly interagency, food and non-food meetings in Baku and Zagatala.

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