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 Report - Monthly Report Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA)

 Report date: 30.11.1999

Agricultural Extension Program:

The group development team continued its extension activities concerning greenhouses and gardening. Many families are encouraged to grow seasonal greens and vegetables in the greenhouses. Main technical topics next to the the importance of greenhouse use were: soil preparation, manure, ventilation, the cultivation of tomotoes and cucumbers. Also field activities for IDP farmers were addressed. This included planting and irrigation of cereals, low grain production and planting of maize. The following table provide detailed information on the clients served:


Clients %

Clients %

Clients %








non beneficiaries










During group development discussions DEA field staff started the identification of specific problems, its causes, and developed activity plans to solve these problems. For example, meetings between local ExCom representatives and IDPs were organized by DEA field staff in three locations. The discussion points included the limited planting area and water problem. The results from these type of meetings are observed after a while. This is a main direction in our future activities, and could be extended to all other groups.

A second main activity during the reporting period was the collection of names and CV of agricultural specialists in Agjabedy and Beylagan regions. During meetings had several objectives:

  • introduction (of the organization and the role of the DEA staff)
  • the purpose of the meeting
  • discussions: questions and answers
  • explaination to fill out the prepared CV forms
  • filling out these CV forms by the agricultural specialists
  • getting a first impression

These meetings have been conducted in eight soviets of Agjabedy region. In total 240 person assisted but only 122 of them have filled out CV forms. In Beylagan regions, 270 person assited the meetings in 11 soviets and 175 of them have handed in their CVs. In both regions many people were interested in the meetings, even people with different specialties, such as non agriculture people, local farmers. Difficulties encountered during the meetings could still be arranged in most locations. In some locations DEA was asked by the ExCom representatives and IDPs to conduct the second meeting for collecting more information about the agricultural specialists. We plann to conduct the workshops or seminars for preselected agricultural specialists in January.

This new concept is very crucial for our future and that of Azerbaijan. Taking into consideration the limited time we had in the field during regular office days, week-ends were spent for the analyses of Cvs.

Training materials for crops such as sesame and sunflower have been prepared and typed. These training materials were successfully pretested in the field with farmers.


DEA field staff will take their annual leave from 20.12.99 till 17.01.2000.

The first agricultural training for CARE International extension staff is scheduled for 4-5-6 January. The third training for UMCOR extension workers will be conducted on 10-11-12 January, 2000.

At the moment we still awaite the Certificate of the NNGO from the Justice Ministry.

DEA representatives participated in several meetings with the Agricultural Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The monthly reports of the last month have been distributed. In addition, DEA field staff had meetings with the local ExCom representatives and informed them about ongoing situations.

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