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 Report - Agro Information Centre of Azerbaijan (DEA)

 Report date: 30.06.2000

Agro Information Centre of Azerbaijan

(Diakonie Project Nr.: KF-041/98-ASE)

Fazil Djafarov, Yegana Guliyeva, and Roland K. Schlott

Supported by
Evangelische Zentralstelle fur Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (EZE), Bonn, Germany
Diakonie Emergency Aid (DEA), Stuttgart, Germany
Dienste in Ubersee (DU), Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

1. Results of the reporting period

1.1 Improvement of knowledge and skills of IDPs and local farmers on agricultural activities

1.1.1 Extension and group development of gardeners

During the month of July the following topics have been discussed in the group:

  • low and high yield in wheat, alfalfa and vegetable production
  • vegetable (tomato and pepper) diseases, field hygiene and natural prevention methods
  • grape diseases and pests: worm and oidium
  • rotation and its usefulness
  • soil preparation: summer ploughing, application of manure.
  • Soil tillage and storage of vegetable seed
  • cotton cultivation: irrigation, feeding, pests and prevention methods

The table below gives an overview of the distribution of attendees in the target groups:

Clients % Clients % Clients % Total
women   men  refugees   local  beneficiaries non beneficiaries  
47 53 82 18 68 32 567

1.1.2 Vocational training and village based extension activities

Meetings with village based extension agents in Agjabedy and Beylagan. Coaching in the field, evaluation, and training. The training groups have been divided into 8 groups and exchanging their field experience with each other regularly. Twice in a month AIM trainer and coaches are conducting training workshops for trainees. The topics have been selected due to the situation in the groups.

Thus, recent training topics were:

  • Second and third steps in the problem solving cycle
  • Open questions
  • Characteristic features of an extension agent
  • Improvement of technical knowledge:
  • crop production and livestock rearing

1.2 NGO development /AIM news

1.2.1 Arrival of agricultural advisor

At long last, the agricultural advisor to AIM and new country representative of Diakonie Emergency Aid, Mr. Roland Kilian Schlott has arrived. He is seconded by Dienste in Ubersee on a two-years contract and will be working towards institutional development and human capacity building at AIM.

1.2.2 Hand-over and backstopping mission

Dr. John Lamers, former head of mission DEA Azerbaijan, has conducted a hand-over mission in order to introduce his successor (Mr. Schlott) to all relevant subject matters and resource persons to fulfil his role effectively. A report on his mission, summarising the findings and recommendations, is available in English and will soon be available in Azeri.

1.3 Co-operation with regional and national authorities and with national and international NGOs

  • participation in NGOs forum monthly meeting
  • participation in monthly inter-agency meeting
  • meeting with NGO forum representatives who visited local NGOs in the regions. Mission of the visit was to get close acquaintance with regional NGOs and to establish regional NGO centre in near future
  • meeting with the head of the agricultural department of Agjabedi Executive Committee, Ms. Leyla Askerova
  • meeting with the head of Refugee and IDP Department of Beylagan Executive Committee
  • meeting with the representatives of Elite seed production company in Ter-ter and Barda regions to collect necessary information
  • visit to NRC (Norwegian Refugee Council) office in Beylagan and obtaining information on their credit program activities
  • visit of a delegation of German parliamentarians in the AIM intervention zone (Beylagan region).

1.4 Project planning and management

A work-plan has been discussed during the hand-over mission of John Lamers.

1.4.1 Office and storage in Agjabedi

Nothing to report

1.4.2 Local staff

No staff changes.

1.5 Miscellaneous

The report of the last month was translated and distributed to the Executive Committees of Agjabedy and Beylagan, Cabinet of Ministers and head-offices of Diakonie Emergency Aid in Germany.

2. Planning for the forthcoming period

2.1 Improvement of knowledge and skills of IDPs and local farmers on agricultural activities

2.1.1 Extension and group development Team

Identification of several pilot groups with projects that could secure funding from finance providing organisations. Subsequent elaboration of project proposals and submission to interested parties.

2.1.2 Vocational training and village based extension activities

Regular coaching, evaluation, training and exchange activities according to work-plan.

2.2 NGO development / AIM news

No special news yet

2.2 Co-operation with regional and national authorities and with national and international NGOs

Latest news on the planned co-operation with the Georgia-based NGO Accion Contra el Hambre (ACH) sound promising. However, funding for the proposal is not yet secured. We therefore await further news.

2.4 Project planning and project-management

2.4.1 Office Baku:

Attendance of relevant meetings in Baku and the region. Presentation of Diakonie and AIM at the income-generation meeting on September 1.

2.4.2 Office in Agjabedi

No changes planned

2.4.3 Local staff

A second translator/interpreter cum office manager has already been identified and selected. Her name is Ms. Gulmira Gojayeva. She will be based in Agjabedy, where she has already started working on August 15.

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