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 Report - DRC - Newsletter (DRC)

 Report date: 30.09.1997


This newsletter, which this time covers two month, marks the end of our first project period in Azerbaijan.

But we are happy to inform you, that our donors, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have renewed our funds till the 31st. of December 1998.

This newsletter will be the first one to be send to our colleagues in the other International Organisations, and to be available on the AZERWEB.

In our newsletters, we describe our activities in a very short way. Should any of you need or be interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This very busy two month period started with a week full of cultural activities.

The income generating activities have been heavily expanded, a number of the skills development courses ended with successful exams, and new courses have been started.

And we have finally finished repairing and equipping our NGO training centre in Sumgait.

Social Activities:

In the days from September 8th to September 13th all activities in the DRC activity centres were dedicated to culture. These days were the culmination of several weeks of preparations for the DRC Social Team, assisted by volunteer Katy Ferrar, and the staff and members of the DRC Activity Centres.

Two days were arranged in each centre. There were performances by professional artists, but also the IDPs were involved as actors. 7 different workshop were arranged, targeting different age groups and gender.

The total number of participants in the Cultural week was 2340.

On 2nd - 3rd. of October DRC Social team and our Social workers participated in the 4th. Regional seminar on Psycho Social Rehabilitation, arranged by NRC, Tiblisi, Georgia.


This activity centre, which initially was the centre obtaining the best results, was closed on Friday September 25th. A number of events the passing months forced us to take this measure.

Prior to the event, that forced us to close the centre, we had initiated the establishment of a Community Board in the settlement, with representatives from all geographical areas being represented in the settlement.

As there is a huge need of social rehabilitation in this area, we are interested in starting the activities again, but with a different approach and in other premises.

A number of meetings have been held with the community board, where different solutions to the problem have been discussed.

The activities in the centres in "New Tagiyev" and Narimanov continues with a growing number of participants.

But because most of the activities in Narimanov have been outdoor, it has been decided to move the majority of the activities to the new centre, that will open in Azer Industrial Building which will open 1st. of November.

A new centre started in Technical School No. 3 October 15th.

DRC have started community development projects in two UNHCR Limestone settlements, one in Salyan and one in Ali Bayramli. Community Boards have been set up, and with the help of HAYAT, we are repairing a house each place, to be used as community houses.

The activities in these two houses will be based on volunteers among the IDPs, who are willing to arrange and be responsible for the activities.

Skills Development:

DRC started implementing the first skills development courses in July. Since then the project have developed to include 348 student in current and previous courses. Please find enclosed a review of all the courses, their location and number of students.

The courses at the Technical Trade Schools are implemented in corporation with the Ministry of Education. Curriculum for all courses are worked out by the methodological cabinet. All courses end with an examination both orally and practically. DRC issues diplomas for all the leavers from the courses.

As a very positive out come from the apprentice, several of the students have after finishing their course been employed at the workshop.

The teachers from the preparatory courses got so addicted to their that they organise to continue the courses on voluntary basis including 28 students.

Previous and current skills development courses
Location Field of profession Period Students
Preparatory courses
Narimanov Subjects related to the entrance examination at the university   

July - August 1997

"Zümrüd Company" Computer 01.10.97 - 31.03.98 15
Suvenir - workshop Tailor 01.07.97 - 31.10.97 19
SHBR - workshop Tailor 15.07.97 - 14.11.97 14
Vocational training
Technical School No. 1 Welder 01.07.97 - 31.09.97 10
  Carpentry 01.07.97 - 31.09.97 
03.10.97 - 28.02.98
10 10
  Typing 01.07.97 - 31.09.97 
03.11.97 - 28.02.97
15 12
  Carpet making 01.11.97 - 28.04.98 8
  Plumber/ welder 03.11.97 - 28.02.98 11
Technical School No. 3 Tailor              - 31.08.97 
01.10.97 - 1.11.97
12 12
  Carpet making 01.12.97 - 31.05.98 12
Technical School No. 4 Turner - iron 01.07.97 - 31.09.97 
03.11.97 - 28.02.98
11 15
  Welder 01.07.97 - 31.09.97 
03.11.97 - 28.02.98
13 11
Agro-Service Carpenter 01.07.97 - 30.10.97 8
  Book binder 01.07.97 - 30.10.97 7
  Shoe repair &  
shoe maker  
(2 workshops)

01.07.97 - 30.10.97

  Photographer 01.07.97 - 30.10.97 10
  Hairdresser 01.07.97 - 30.10.97 12
Tagiyev settlement Repair of house-hold machines   
15.08.97 - 14.12.97
  TV & radio repair 15.08.97 - 14.12.97 6
  Tailor 15.08.97 - 14.12.97 10
  Typing 15.08.97 - 14.12.97 18
  Welder 20.10.97 - 19.01.98 5
  Carpentry 20.10.97 - 19.01.98 4
  Hairdresser 15.08.97 - 14.12.97 6
  Carpet maker 20.10.97 - 19.01.98 10
Total previous and current courses:

32 courses in 15 different professions with a total of 348 students.

Income Generating Projects.

Micro Credit:

The IG project is now implemented at all sites were DRC operates in Sumgait. 64 projects have been implemented so far, 12 in Tagiyev, 52 in the town of Sumgait. The total number of beneficiaries are 893 persons.

The size of the loans varies from 20 - 57 %. The repayment of the credit have so far been successfully.

The project implemented coves a variety of professions as follows:

    Profession                  No. of projects
    Barber                                   7
    Bakery/ macaroni/ catering     5
    Car repairing                          6
    Carpentry                              5
    Carpet/ knitting/ sewing        15
    Cattle breeding                      1
    Leather procession                6
    Shoe repair                           6
    Soap production                     1
    Plastic production                  2
    Welding/ iron work                8
    Electrician                             2
Support to self sustainability - small grants

By the end of October 55 projects within this category have been implemented in Tagiyev. The number of beneficiaries are 117.

    Profession                No. of projects
    Carpentry                             1
    Cattle breeding                      1
    Electrician                            1
    Poultry                                30
    Sheep breeding                     1
    Trade                                 21
Micro Credit:

The IG project is now implemented at all sites were DRC operates in Sumgait.

The total number of implemented Micro Credit projects by the end of October is 64, with 893 beneficiaries.

The repayment of the credits have so far been successful, with 100 % repayment

The Micro Credit Projects represent variety of fields of production, repair and service fields.

Project of support to special vulnerable groups/ persons (SSS):

By the end of October a total of 35 SSS projects have been implemented. The total no. of beneficiaries is 117.

The SSS projects are mainly within the areas reselling and poultry.

Capacity Building:

In September DRC participated in a Sub Regional Conference on Migration and Refugees, which were held in South Ossetia, Georgia.

The conference was funded by UNHCR Armenia, UNHCR Azerbaijan and DRC, Azerbaijan.

DRC funds English language training for five members of the Working Group under the Republican Commission.

And finally we have finished repairing and equipping our NGO training centre in Sumgait. The centre will open next month with English language courses and computer courses. Later on we are planning courses on more organisational issues, like organisation structure, fund raising, book keeping, management, proposal writing and project planning.

DRC is supporting the National NGO "Umid", in publishing a Children Magazine, which will consist of letters, poems and drawings from IDP children. The magazine will be distributed to 5000 IDP children throughout Azerbaijan. The first edition will be ready in December 1997.

In October we had two staff seminars, one for our office staff and one for all field staff.

Danish Refugee Council,


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