Several leading national NGOs, dealing with the migration issues created in 1998 a forum of national NGOs on migration issues. This Forum is a voluntary association of organizations and is not yet considered a juridical entity.


This forum co-ordinates the activity of NGOs in Migration Sector to consolidate efforts and resources, and to represent their interests with the Government of Azerbaijan, international organizations, donor communities and to develop projects of common interest, directed towards elimination of migration problems in Azerbaijan.


FANGOM’s structure is a General Assembly – supreme body of the Forum, Initiative group and five working groups on:

Executive Chairman of the Forum is Mr. Vusal Rajabli, who is at the same time President of national NGO HAYAT. Membership in Forum is direct and associative. Each organization has one vote.


In 1996 the Government of Azerbaijan made a commitment to address the development of solutions for population displacement and migration problems. Program of Action of this CIS CONF recognized importance of migration sector development in Azerbaijan, which enhances participation and consultation of national society.

IOM responded to this recognition with the “National NGO Migration Sector Development” Project within its Trans-Caucasian regional program framework.

In the three countries a national partner NGO has been identified and empowered to establish a network for training, information and co-ordination in migration related issues. The IOM chose HAYAT as its national partner.


Capacity building with Azeri National NGOs, to play a role in constructive analysis and response on migration related issues for Azerbaijan; to promote self-development and leadership of Azeri National NGOs, and to contribute to the strengthening and development of NGO network on migration issues.


- NGO Resource Center on Migration is established with the capacity to organize a library and serve as information center on migration issues, it maintains a database of International and Azeri national NGOs, organizes training conferences, seminars, meetings and consultations for national NGOs, on migration issues.

- HAYAT, within the framework of MSDP Program, implemented the Small

Project Funds for national NGOs’ in migration sector. Selection

Board included representatives of IOM, HAYAT, Save the Children, NRC,

UNHCR, OSI and ISAR. Three national NGOs were selected recipients of the Small Grant Project. The grants developed capacity, leadership, proposal writing and implementation skills.

- On April 24, 1998 HAYAT organised the conference "Actual challenges on co-operation in Migration Management and their solutions". This conference was an important confidence building development, to explore opportunities for participation of national NGOs in Government activities in addressing migration issues. Later national NGOs selected their representative to participate in the Task Forces of the IOM “Capacity building on Migration Management” Programme.

Impact of NGO MSDP Project:

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